Accused of dragging aspies through the mud

Saturday, December 19th, 2015

A 13 year old aspie asked on an autism forum how many of us have been through an abusive relationship and he told us about his experience with it and it was real short.

I responded and told about mine and someone who responded hours later totally misunderstood saying the OP said nothing about AS and said actually that’s presumably why they are there so I probably should stop dragging that through the mud and then he said I had a blog for this.

First of all I mentioned my ex was a covert narcissist and I also had the word AS in quotes to indicate he didn’t have it. I talked about my experience in it and why I let the abuse happen and how easy it to to be the victim of emotional abuse if the narc is hiding behind the autism label. Also I have written in this blog how I no longer identify my ex as an aspie. I don’t claim for him to be aspie, I only refer him as being a covert narcissist. Even if he did actually have AS, I don’t care and I find rather he had it or not to be irrelevant.

So yeah that person totally misunderstood my post and what I was saying. I was not dragging anyone through the mud or trying to make us all look bad or give us a bad name, as a matter of fact, he should be disgusted about the fact that someone could claim to have AS and hide behind it to abuse making the rest of us look bad. It is a possibility my ex might have thought he actually had it.

I had to look up the phrase ‘drag through the mud’ to understand what it meant because idioms I still have troubles with so I google it for the meaning and I saw what he was actually telling me and saw he was accusing me. There is no malicious intent and I am not dragging anyone through the mud and my ex was not a good person.

So I was only supposed to respond to the post saying “yes?”

When the OP told his story about being in a emotionally abusive relationship and saying how it was also psychical, I thought I was supposed to tell about mine.

Also the whole point of this blog is where I put my feelings and thoughts and it’s not all about being in a abusive relationship. I talk about anything here I have on my mind and it can be about my kids or about work or my childhood or my problems or past abusive relationship or rants or about anything in general and I have put fun things up like Nintendo music.

The OP did write in their thread title “possibly triggering” and had it in parenthesis. My post was triggering alright.



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