Last meeting

Monday, December 14th, 2015

I attended my last meeting yesterday because Roger Meyer running it decided to move on from it and I don’t know if someone else will take over or not so for now it was the last meeting. He had a bunch of ice cream there and huge cake which was muffin mixed that was used and it had cake frosting on it with writing. I was expecting it to be like a party because he said in the email we are welcome to bring our family so I brought my kids because my husband didn’t want to go. I drove straight there from the mall where they saw Santa. But they got bored and wandered and my son made noise and there was talking like at any of our regular meetings and I felt bad for even bringing them because I didn’t know the meeting was going to be this way so I goofed up thinking it was going to be you go in, he talks for a few minutes and then we all dig into the food and we all talk and visit. It has been that way in the past but not this time and luckily he wasn’t mad about it. He said they were wonderful and good kids and kids are just that way because they can’t be patient and sit still. I did take them into the church room where the pews are so they were not distracting anyone and Roger. But I feel sad this was the last meeting. Now I won’t be attending any groups for a while.


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