I accidentally saw my Christmas present

Monday, December 14th, 2015

I accidentally saw my Christmas present my husband got me. It was yesterday before we were going to take our kids to see Santa. I see a Amazon box in the play pen so I look in there and see an HP box and asked my husband what he got (thinking it was his for his computer) and he told me “Nah nah nah get out of there, bad girl.” I then knew it was mine and he had gotten me that laptop I saw at Wal-Mart I liked because of the color and it was cheap ($180). He could have told me it was for his computer or a present for someone else but he isn’t good at lying either so he didn’t think of it. Sometimes lying is a good thing if you want something to be a surprise and then that lie is forgivable when you find out. I had ruined my own surprise all because he had left it out when he showed his brother it and he forgot to cover it again. I wrapped it up last night while wrapping my kids’ presents and my husband’s and my nephew’s.


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