My son’s party

Saturday, December 12th, 2015

The two friends didn’t show up so good thing I didn’t waste my time with goody bags or with any party games and prizes because that would have been a waste. But my brother showed up with his oldest son and my inlaws came and so did my other nephew but his half sister couldn’t come because she was with her dad for the weekend. My brother in law came too and my son still enjoyed his birthday. We also had a mix up with the cake because I had ordered Thomas and Friends and the lady working there didn’t write that part down so it was only a regular cake with the words “Happy Birthday (his name)” and at first I thought it was the wrong cake they brought out but it had my name on it and I panicked and freaked out but good thing my husband was there because he handled it for me. The lady who took my order realized she goofed up and wanted to cry because she had made a mistake and then I felt bad but my husband told her it was okay and our son won’t notice. They made it right by putting on the cake decorations we ordered and my husband kept saying it was all okay because our kid is turning five so he won’t know the difference and we will still put a Mario Hotwheel car on the cake. My husband had bought him a Super Mario version Hotwheels car from Japan and it was going to be a stocking stuffer but he didn’t know we had already done it so he made it a cake decoration. But it worked out still and my son still loved the cake. Also he was still happy with his birthday even though the two friends didn’t show up and he didn’t cry. He only cared his cousin was here. He got him a Play Doh set and some Hotwheels cars and a bag of balloons. He got Mario Maker from us and a $10 eshop card and he got a penguin pirate game from my parents, plus he got a bike from my inlaws and their adult children and grandchildren. My son still loved the bike even though he is no longer into Spiderman. He doesn’t like fighting and Spiderman fights but yet Mario brothers don’t fight because they jump on enemies and have Bowser fall into the lava, kid logic I tell you.


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