The Dark Web

Friday, December 11th, 2015

I first heard about this from my husband. I had always wondered how criminals found sex slaves, other drug dealers, someone to hire to kill someone for them, etc. Now I know. They use the dark web, a web browser that shows websites that wouldn’t show on regular browsers we use. I hear even the FBI uses the dark web because it’s how they bust criminals. I am too terrified to use it because it’s a way to get hacked and to have your identity stolen and also I wouldn’t want the FBI here if I went to bad places like Silk Road. I even saw screen shots from the web and the stories I saw in them were too disturbing for me to even read it all. I saw one about rape and the other about raping a baby and slowly killing it by putting stuff in it and I couldn’t believe how horrible people can be and what goes on during the whole thing when it happens. People actually talk about this online? I even saw a screen shot where people talk about planning crimes. I even saw a screen shot of a craigslist like and and it was about a sex slave. It had details about her and where she was abducted and she was being sold. The dark web is also a place for child pornography so does that mean none of it will show online if I were to type in the words in Google and hit search? I’m too terrified to even find out. Like I say, I wouldn’t want the FBI here and then having to explain to them how curious I was and I wanted to see what would happen. Who would buy that? Apparently lot of people wouldn’t be curious and do it just to see what it’s like or what would happen. I am too terrified of severe consequences. I know people get busted for crimes and for child porn so why even look it up? Why even go to illegal websites just to spy? Unless I work for the FBI so it was my job to go to those places to try and bust someone.

But before the internet, I wonder how criminals did all these things and found each other. My husband did warn me about using it. But obviously normal people must have used it and gone to those places or else there wouldn’t have been screen shots. But I still wouldn’t take the risk. I will just stick with normal webs.


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