My son’s first own party

Friday, December 11th, 2015

My son wanted a birthday party so I decided to have it the second weekend in December which is tomorrow. He only invited two friends and I gave the invitations to the teacher and I invited my brother and his sons because my son wanted them there and he wants his other cousin who isn’t really his cousin but she is his cousin’s half sister so I invited my inlaws and brother and sister in law and their kids and including that girl.

But none of the parents have called saying their sons are coming so I am hoping they still show up without doing a RSVP which is why I didn’t do any party and goody bag stuff. Why even bother if no one will call to reserve so to spare the anxiety and waste of money, it is just going to be where kids all play and hang out for three hours, no party games and prizes. But of course my son will be so upset if his friends don’t come so how will I explain it to them when they don’t come and how would I comfort him? I might leave it to my family to do since they will be better at it than me. He will be only getting two presents from us all in one present and only one thing from my inlaws and sister in law because it’s a bike they got him so it’s a expensive gift and ours was expensive too because it’s a video game and I got him a $10 eshop card since he has been wanting to buy games from the shop. I put it inside the game case.

I just hope the heavy rain we have had this week won’t stop my inlaws from coming.


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