Our router crashed

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

We had Netgear and then the extension quit working so I had weak internet upstairs and last night it got worse because the videos kept buffering and they were slow to load in my son’s bedroom. I couldn’t understand what was wrong with the extension so I had to be on the main floor for full speed internet because it got a strong signal down there. Sometimes I would get disconnected upstairs in my room where I had to be downstairs to work on my blog because every time it would auto save draft, it would fail and bring me back to the top of my post and it was annoying.

Then today I was having wifi problems with my Nintendo 3DS so I resetted the router and this time it made it worse. The connection worked perfectly for a few minutes and then it quit working. Netgear01 quit showing on my computer but the extension still did. My husband was having internet problems on his computer. so he started to work on it. He even called Comcast and they said it was working on their part so he then knew it was our server problem, not theirs. Then my husband realized our router might have broke. That would explain the connection issues. It was breaking down and then it quit working for good. But luckily we had another router from Comcast so we connected to that and it worked. Then my husband tells me later there is a button on the top and I must have hit it by accident so he had to press that to get it to work. So did our Netgear router really broke, who knows. but my husband disconnected it.


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