My hyperactive son

Monday, December 7th, 2015

He is a great kid and very loyal. he loves his little sister and looks out for her and he loves me and always wants to be with me. But he is so wild and acts out of control and I can’t even get him to do his school work, it’s a struggle so home school would be out of the question. I would be screwed if public school didn’t work for him and there is no way we can afford private school for him when he starts going full days. He also has problems with waiting and being patient. I still love him of course. He is a great kid but he overwhelms me when he is hyper or whiny or doesn’t listen. I hate screaming at him. Today my brother was over with his kids and I had to run to Safeway to get powdered sugar to make the frosting for the sugar cookies and I also got more baby wipes and ordered a cake for my son’s party for this coming weekend. But when I got back, my brother had left and my mom told me he wanted to make cookies and my son’s hyperactivity got too much for the boys so they left. I said to my mother just imagine if he had ADHD, that would be so much worse and my mom said “I think he does.” I said “he’s four, isn’t that normal at this age” and she said “They’re not this hyper” and I said “what is the difference between him and a normal four year old.” She told me he is normal so I said “I meant without ADHD” and she mentioned my nephew and said “Now you know what normal is since you are saying that in front of your kid.” Then i asked if I was like that hyper at his age and she said “No, you don’t have ADHD” and I said “but didn’t I have ADD” and she said “you never had it, you had” and then she cut herself off as if she didn’t want to say the word Asperger’s. I was diagnosed with ADD as a kid so was she telling me now I didn’t have that when she told me I did but it was a misdiagnoses? Maybe she meant ADHD when she said that. He is so full of energy so he always needs movement and he hates being still or waiting long turns. But then he is all calm when he gets engaged in something like his video game or youtube or when he is doing something he wanted like when it he finally got to decorate his cookie, he was all calm all of a sudden and no longer hyper and rambunctious.

He doesn’t have any diagnoses yet but he is in early intervention and he has teachers that work with him. He also frequently loses things so I try to limit toys in the home and I decided after Christmas, I should rotate with them like keep some in the garage and then bring them inside and bring the other toys out.

I would think a label would be given if he had any disabilities but maybe someday in the future he will get one. Plus not everyone likes to label children at this young age so they might have been avoiding labeling him and only focusing on what he needs help in.


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