Heavy Rain

Monday, December 7th, 2015

Where I live we get some heavy rain sometimes and this is pretty normal in our area. Streets always flood and it’s never good to have clogged storm sewers so it’s very important to keep them cleared. Today I went to take my son to school and it was pouring rain out and I was soaked. I was impatient because I wanted to get out of the rain so I rushed my son in the car and then I got mad at him when he took off his shoe because it goes wet. Then I took him to school and I saw a flooded street so I drove through it slowly. Then I arrived at the school and I put his shoe on in the car and then we got out and ran inside.

When it comes time to get him again, another part of the street is flooded so I had to turn around and go home the other way I came from. The water was up to the trees and it was above the curb so no way was I going to drive through there and risk wrecking my car.

Then at home I went back outside and got my rain coat on and got a rake and raked the leaves off the sewer in front of my house. It had a bunch of leaves and gunk and I stuck it all on the sidewalk and I kept scooping everything off the ground above the sewer and then the water went down and the water puddle disappeared. I got all the leaves off of it and the storm drain was all uncovered and water went down it. This is a common thing we do here. We either use our bare hands or long rakes to uncover the storm drains.

The only thing I am dreading is work. The max lines are delayed due to rain. I plan on leaving early around 3:50. But it’s not raining heavily anymore.

And I thought I was exaggerating in my 101 Dalmatians parody story when I had Roger and Anita’s street flooded due to the heavy rain but these things do happen in real life and people do actually canoe in them. That is what some people do in my area.

Here is a video of two people inter tubing in our area:


Here is one close my my home: http://i.imgur.com/eMkDXvU.jpg?1

Another photo but not close to my home:

More videos:


Here is the thread here about it:




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