Stupid things I got in trouble for

Friday, December 4th, 2015

when I was a kid.

I am sure we have all gotten in trouble for things we didn’t do or things that were unintentional or because an adult misinterpreted the situation or our actions or because of another kid or misunderstanding.  Here are things I can remember:

At three I got my butt spanked for accidentally knocking books down the stairs. Mom must have thought I did it on purpose and I couldn’t even tell her it was an accident. Sucks when you were mute.

When I was six I had to sit out of class for shrieking with excitement because it hurt the speech teacher’s ears

Ronnie wouldn’t stop kicking my chair and I kept telling him to stop. Our teacher scolds me and I don’t understand why I am in trouble. She goes back to read, not too long later, Ronnie is kicking my chair again and I tell him again to stop and complaining to the teacher he is kicking it, I had to sit at the back of the room. I was about 25 when I learned the real reason why I was in trouble, not because he was kicking my chair.

Jacob hit Russell before we were about to leave the classroom and Russell told our aide that I had hit him. I had to stay behind.

I had to sit out during toy time because Russell scribbled over his own math problem and told the teacher I did it.

I was on the slide with Russell during recess and he decides to tell one of the duty ladies I had hit him. I never even touched him and I had to stand against the wall.

When I was seven, my shoes had come untied during PE and the looseness of them being untied was bugging me so I sat out to tie them but had trouble. Oh you gotta love the poor hand motor coordination issues. I didn’t even ask for help because I knew the teachers wouldn’t help me because I had to do it myself, it was the rule. Instead the aide thought I was playing and called me a liar when I told her. I got in trouble and I don’t remember what the consequence was.

On the way back from a field trip, Timmy threw his lolly pop wrapper out the window and the aide thought it was me. I got scolded for it and was called a liar but luckily Timmy confessed later he did it. I guess he felt bad he got me into trouble and I was very upset.

I was working on my cut and paste assignment when the aide scolded me for “pounding the glue” and had called me a liar when I said I didn’t pound it. She took the glue bottle away and gave me a glue stick. To this day I still don’t know what I did.

When I was eight I had to stand against the wall for being in a area I wasn’t supposed to be in and they thought I knew the rule just because I had been attending there for two years.

In special ed I farted and had to stay behind. I had no control over my farts and I found out when I was an adult you could actually hold them in.

When I was nine I wasn’t allowed to keep my sticker card when I got enough stickers on it because the special ed teacher thought I didn’t earn all those stickers fairly.

In seventh grade I got one day of suspension for saying “I wish I could slap the art teacher” and it got perceived as a threat.

When I was five, I was sick so I had an upset stomach and during snack I pooped my pants. I had diarrhea so when i went to the bathroom, I saw my messy pants and my teacher started giving me a lecture about going in the toilet. I didn’t know what she was talking about because I didn’t do it on purpose. Now I realize she must have thought I done it on purpose so therefore she lectured me about going in the toilet. I had no control over my bowels that day and I had to finish the rest of the day in messy pants and go home in them. Such an uncomfortable experience.

When I was nine, my mother had told me to put this toddler chair away. I put it away and my little brother brought it back out and started playing with it again and left it out on the kitchen floor. My mom trips on it and yells at me for not putting it away.

My third grade teacher hands out a report to everyone to do. I never get one and instead I had this other piece of paper instead. Where was the report? I don’t work on it and my teacher keeps telling me to and I keep saying I don’t have it so he keeps giving me the same piece of paper again. I have no clue what that is and it never occurs to me to ask what this piece of paper is. One day he tells me again to work on it and I tell him I never got it, he starts talking to me and saying I will get a consequence next time and I forget what and he hands me the piece of paper again. I know I will get in trouble soon for not doing it because he never handed it to me. So I am at home then and my mom tells me we were going to work on my report after I had told her about it. I think she had gotten me the report and she tells me it’s on the kitchen table. I go down there and don’t see it. I tell my mother it’s not there and she says it is. I tell her it’s not and she shows me the paper again. I start telling her that is not the report and I start describing it and she tells me “That’s for second graders, this is for third graders” and she points to the paper. I had no idea that was the report. I never told my teacher about the misunderstanding.

In second grade we are watching a video on whales and someone throws something and it hits me in the head. I turn my head towards the direction it came from and I say “How that hurt, don’t.” My teacher tells me to sit on the floor by her desk. I sit there and have no clue I got in trouble until I asked her at the end why did I have to sit there. She told me I never got hit.

I had a bad day in PE when I was nine so as a punishment, kids were allowed to bug me in class and tease me because of the golden rule we had, “treat others the way you like to be treated” so I had learned when you have bad days, you better act good in class to the teacher or else it’s okay for kids to be mean to you. That sure made my day worse instead of figuring out why I had a bad time in PE.

In 6th grade I was upset about I had gotten a mole on my back and it hurt so I asked my speech therapist if she had any, she pulls out a note book of social rules and showing respect instead for me to go over because she apparently didn’t like the question

I was told about a new singer so one day I decide to look him up online. I get told to get off the computer because it was all inappropriate I was doing. I had no idea that looking up singers was inappropriate and I thought that was very strange. It turns out Jack Off wasn’t a singer and the girl had to apologize to me for making that up. I am never sure if she meant it because I know the adults made her apologize and she did sound sincere and very sorry. I will never know if it was an act because it was what the adults wanted her to do.

When I was eight, mom told me to close the sun room door so I did. Later she is knocking on it and I let her in. First thing she says is “go to your room.” I didn’t even know it was locked. She apologized later when my dad told her he had locked it.

When I was seven, I turn the computer off when i am done and my mom keeps telling me it’s on and to turn it off. I tell her it’s off and my mom keeps saying it’s on. Finally she tells me I couldn’t use it for three days because I didn’t turn it off. Confused, i had no clue what she meant because the computer was off so why did she say I didn’t turn it off? It turned out it was my brother’s matchbox car that was making the siren sound and my mom thought that was the computer. I had no clue she even thought that and then she told me I didn’t lose computer for three days and she apologized. I still thought the whole thing was bizarre. I think that was an example of lack of theory of mind and understanding a different perspective. I didn’t make the connection between my brother’s toy and my mom telling me to turn the computer off and saying it’s still on.

When I was seven I was trying to teach my little brother how to open the screen door and my grandfather slaps me three times. I guess he thought I was being mean to him or something or trying to lock him outside.

When I was eight, I was in music and kids told the music teacher I was laughing at Devin. I wasn’t even going “ha ha ha” or even giggling. The teacher asked me why i was being mean and I said “I’m not laughing.” I look at Devin again who was giving me trouble and kids go “See, you’re laughing at him.” Must be an example of your facial expressions being misinterpreted. I just thought those kids were lying and picking on me.

Of course I have mentioned this before but when I was 11, my mom got mad at me because I kept on doing another tease because she had kept telling me to stop that teasing. Then she was real mad after the air vent joke so she kicked me out of the car and ordered me to get back in and was even angrier. It turns out she meant she wanted me to quit teasing her for the rest of the way home but she had kept telling me to stop that teasing, not all teasing and she didn’t even say she didn’t want anymore teasing for the rest of the way home. Back then I just thought it was her strange way of telling people to quit teasing her and she was blaming it all on me because I didn’t read her mind because she misspoke. Though I usually did good figuring out idioms just by watching and being told what they meant by it but not this time.

Kids getting mad at me in elementary school for bumping into them or accidentally kicking them or stopping abruptly and them bumping into me etc.

I am sure there are more but can’t remember at the top of my head.
















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