Those Brits nitpicking their country/nation

Saturday, November 28th, 2015

After my last blog entry, I thought about how nitpicky Brits are about their country. If you come to the United States and say you are in the USA, we won’t nitpick you telling you you are not in the US, you are in (insert US state you are in) but that is what they do over there. If you go to England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland and say you are in the UK, They will correct you what country you are in. They will say you are not in the UK, you are in (insert UK country here you are in)  and they consider it offensive. I wonder if they do the same about our country. They go to Florida and they go back home and instead of telling everyone they went to the US, they say they went to Florida and if someone told them they went to the US, would they argue and say “No I didn’t go to the US, I went to Florida.” You then tell them “So you did go to the USA” “No I went to Florida because that is where I only went, I didn’t go to every US state.”

I was once in a chat room and I said I went all over the UK because we had went to England, Scotland, and wales but those Brits nitpicked because they told me I didn’t go all over the UK, I just went to those three countries and going all over the UK would mean I went to Northern Ireland.

Oh for fuck’s sake. So I guess by their logic I have never traveled all over the US because I didn’t go to every single US state when my family took that long road trip in summer of 96. But we did go across the country like my mom and I did with England Scotland and wales but we didn’t go in the southern part of Wales, we only stayed north and we only stayed in southern Scotland, we didn’t go up further north but we did go up to northern England and west and south but not western Engand where the Atlantic is nor did we go south of London where Dover is nor did we go close to the English channel. I accept this much be their culture way of speaking and this is how us Americans talks. I live in North America, no you don’t live in North America, you live in the USA. No you don’t live in the USA, you live in Oregon. This is just how it looks to me when they nitpick when you say you are in Great Britain or the UK instead of saying you are in England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland. It’s different if you thought England was all of the UK and that Scotland isn’t part of it or Wales or the Northern Ireland so they correct you. That is like saying Oregon is the whole United states. But I can still imagine that argument with a Brit about me living in the US or North America. But at least they don’t nitpick about what part of London you are in or what country you are in. But I did notice when I was there they will nitpick how you say words so therefore you have to say things their way when you are visiting but yet we don’t go nitpicking accents here when someone comes and visits and says a word differently because that is how they say it where they are from. I was corrected to say “Oughts and crofts” instead of “arts and crafts.” At least no one told us to speak with an English accent or with a Scottish accent or with a Welsh accent. But yet I read online that it annoys them when you try and fake their accents when you are visiting but yet I seemed to annoy this English lady when I said it the American way so she had to get me to call it Oughts and crofts. That is how they say it there with their accent. But to me that is like arguing over how to say the word vase. Some people pronounce it “voss” because it depends on where they are from and in one part of our country, that is how they say it but on the west side, we pronounce it as  “vaise.” But it was only one lady that did it, no one else but from reading around online, lot of them seem to nitpick about the name UK or United Kingdom or Great Britain. I have seen people say they live in the UK but they could mean England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland and some will say what country they are in.

Different cultures, different ways of speaking and they say we are the dumb ones but I could say the same about them. Makes me wonder if they nitpick other things.




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