Small Dog syndrome

Thursday, November 26th, 2015

I came across another interesting post in Lucky Otter’s Haven about dogs having personality disorders. She also posted the url for where she got the article from. A poster commented and she mentioned Little Dog Syndrome so I looked it up to learn more about it. This part reminded me a lot about Squeaky because he wouldn’t go outside and preferred to go in the house. He never went in other peoples homes because he didn’t go to other peoples homes, he only had our home and he loved to pee up in the rec room or in the basement. My dad called it marking his territory.

Does she pee all over the house? And this isn’t just your house; it’s any house she visits. The floor, the couch, the walls, the bed—nothing is safe from her piddle practices. This isn’t about housetraining; it’s about control and dominance. And she’ll do it everywhere—except outside.

He even peed on my dollhouse once and I was pissed because he had just came inside and he goes straight to the basement and does it. Then another time he did it right by the stairs in the basement and then I found out he had been doing it upstairs on the floors. Of course no one would believe me and kept dismissing it as him being just a puppy and being a male dog. But he had started doing this before I went crazy so I will never know for sure what the heck happened but I know it wasn’t me or else he would have started this after I went crazy. But I wouldn’t have gone crazy if he didn’t do this. He was maybe confused because we had brought him home from the pet store and he probably had it backwards about his toilet. So basically it was caused by the owner’s behavior, my dad buying him and bringing him home and my whole family having him run around the whole house and all he saw was all these spots he could pee in when the correct training was keeping him in his crate or in a small spot in the home that is his own bedroom until he is house trained. But none of us were ready for another dog and I didn’t even want another one. My mom didn’t want another one either so she was upset when she saw my dad had gotten a new dog and his reason was “They were all on sale so I just had to buy one and look, he is a Miniature Schnauzer. Pure bred and they are around $800 and this one was only $264 because they wanted to get rid of them.” But then again none of us were willing to watch him and I didn’t want to give up my hobbies to watch him like a hawk before he does his little crime.



2 comments on “Small Dog syndrome

  1. nowve666 says:

    I wouldn’t tolerate that behavior. You should have gotten rid of him rather than letting him drive you crazy.

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