*sigh* Another abusive child

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

Yes it’s one of these posts again about violent children and them not being always innocent. This time the girl is nine and while I was reading it, I was thinking “please no ASD, please no ASD” and thank goodness they didn’t mention her having it. Instead her violence started when she was seven and her mother is afraid of her and has hurt her and knocked her down. She is above her mother’s shoulders. Not all nine year olds are small, they can also be big and strong. Not all of them are innocent, some of them are capable of doing real harm and making adults afraid of them. But yet no one believes the mother. Apparently she only acts this way at home and why wouldn’t she like her mother’s partner? The other kids don’t seem to have an issue with him because they are not abusive like she is so what is wrong with her? Maybe if the mother gave her kids cell phones to record the abuse every time it happens to make people believe her, people would probably say instead the mom is bullying her child and no wonder she is acting out and say she is doing child abuse because lot of people don’t want to believe a kid can be this capable.

If she were my child, I would probably be behind bars for self defense because no one would want to believe a nine year old can do real harm.  But maybe this article might finally get the mother and her kid help now that it has sparked attention. I wonder if she has ever tried to get her kid help like taking her to her doctor to get a referral or does the doctor not believe her either? Kids have been known to have rages and violence due to behavior issues so they should be aware of violent kids. I also find it disturbing that anyone in the comments would call this normal behavior.  Also why aren’t the older children stepping into defend the mother when the girl attacks her?


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