My mistake of bringing my son to the Zelda concert

Monday, October 26th, 2015

It was finally the Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses. My son was excited and he complained about the walking but he did good waiting in line and being on the train. But during the performance, I couldn’t get him to sit still, not make any sounds, not talk so I kept trying to hush him and I even tried to use the Mario Maker game as a reward to keep him good but he didn’t stay good so I am going to have to keep that game hidden now because I told him I was sending it back to Gamefly and I won’t be keeping it since he isn’t being good. He didn’t kick any seats thank goodness. He also kept saying he wanted out but I told him it’s rude to get up during the performance so we have to stay. I told him we could go home when break time comes because he said he was bored.

I honestly thought he would enjoy the show because he loves The Legend of Zelda and they have the huge screen up and play clips from the video games so i thought he would enjoy watching that but I was wrong. Plus I let my husband talk me into it when i wasn’t sure because it would be late at night and past his bedtime and also he has a history of not being quiet and sitting still but he has done good in movies when my husband would take him. I also couldn’t take my son out of the auditorium or else it would be rude so I tried to keep him quiet. I whispered to him and talked quietly. But when we got back to the auditorium during break after I had bought a poster and a t shirt, my son decided he wanted to sit in the back seats and there were no people in them during the performance so i figured this would be the best place to sit because we would be isolated from everyone and no one would be bothered by us. I was thinking about doing that during the performance but we couldn’t move or else it would be rude. So I notice a piece of paper with words on our chair, I am not sure if was on my chair or my son’s but I read it and it was a complaint. We were accused of being loud and being rude and didn’t they see I was trying to keep my kid quiet the whole time and occupied. I don’t like passive aggressive notes so i wonder why they didn’t just tell me to my face than leaving a note. I just ignored the note and went on with the evening and never said anything to people around me.

Then the show starts again and my son wants to move and I tell him we are sitting away from everyone because he keeps talking and making noise, but he still gets up and starts to whine so I grab my stuff and pull him out of the auditorium breaking the social rule. It had just started again and we were in the back and there was no one else and sitting out in the lobby and watching the performance on the flat screen TV broke my son finally. He cried and whined and wouldn’t be quiet and I just sat out ignoring it and told him this was a place for him to be noisy and whiny because we are not in there and he decided he wanted to be in there so he was upset that I wouldn’t let him back in there. I tell him he can’t be in the auditorium because he keeps talking and making noise so we are out here now. I let him carried on and I told him he would have to prove to me he can be quiet by being quiet right now and no whining. I told him to be quiet for four minutes and to not make a sound and every time he makes a peep, the timer will start over. That made him cry and I let him carry on. Then finally he was playing my old 3DS I had given him and he had not made a peep and I decided I will bring him back in the auditorium if he says anything about it. Then finally he said “I have been quiet” and I tell him “Oh good, now we can go back in the auditorium but the sound has to be off or else I will bring you back out here.”

So we go back in and sit in the back seats again and he starts to make a pee and I tell him he has to be quiet or I will bring him back out in the lobby again. He stayed quiet for the rest of the time and there wasn’t much left to the performance so I will guess it was about twenty minutes we were back in there.

I finally broke him to be quiet during the performance and he sat still and didn’t move around in his chair. But my son is not ready for this concert so Disney on Ice would have been better. Now that is a place to make sounds and cry and talk because I have seen it there and you can get up during the performance. I did notice there were no babies at the Zelda concert and no toddlers. There were kids there but they were older. I learned the hard way my son is still too young so I made a mistake of bringing him. I don’t even take him to movies so why did I even think this would be okay? Because they had the big screen and he is always watching videos on youtube so I thought he would like that and stay quiet and still. Boy was I wrong and I hope I didn’t ruin anyone’s performance around me.


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