Human race saddens me

Monday, October 26th, 2015

I am sure you hear about Melody Hensley, who got PTSD from online harassment and bullying. People are ripping her apart for it and saying how she is insulting to war veterans and they are calling her a liar. According to her she was actually diagnosed with it by a doctor and she fears leaving her house now and people are invalidating her feelings and fears and how it’s affected her. I first heard about it on Wrongplanet when someone wrote someone got PTSD from twitter because people disagreed with her. That sounds ridiculous right until I looked it up and saw this and the comments were disgusting. I can’t believe people. And my mom has mentioned me having PTSD but good thing I have never mentioned having it because I feel my problems are not bad enough for me to claim it. In seventh grade I was getting into fights with other kids because I thought they were picking on me so I felt I had to defend myself. My mom called that PTSD. I will often hear about autistic people having PTSD as a result from being bullied and no one has ever bat an eye for it and ripped us apart for also claiming it. My husband also had PTSD and never said anything about having it until last summer of 2014 when I said something to him and it really hurt him because it brought back his old hurt feelings and gave him flashbacks of other kids. He said a doctor told him he had it. That was something new I learned about my husband. My mom was the first to mention to him he has it and suggested he get some counseling so he can get rid of his old hurt feelings so they won’t come back if something happens that gives him flashbacks. My mother described it as digging up those roots so in high school she would tell me to dig up those roots when I was seeing a therapist. The analogy was my hurt feelings were not gone, they are just buried. When you pull out the roots, they grow back, that is what my feelings are, they are just buried just like with roots, the bulbs are still there so you have to dig them up so that is what I must do in the doctor’s office.

But comments like I see in the Daily Mail and here. It makes me hate people and I am ashamed about what kind of people there are.


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