A book ahead of its time

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

Stephen King published a book in 1974 called Carrie. I first read it when I was 15 and I could relate to her because she was bullied and no one helped her. She was branded as evil and it was considered a horror novel. Laura in my class told me she was evil and she has special powers and she kills everyone with them and then dies at the end.

I get curious and read it. I realize now this is a version of school shootings. They didn’t happen then and were not common but according here it has always happened. Basically Stephen King has written about his version of a school shooting due to the character being bullied so she goes evil and kills everyone instead of just her bullies and teachers who enabled it and then she dies at the end just like most school shooters. It was as if he was predicting the future so he showed in his novel how harmful bullying is and how it can drive people to kill.

Fast forward twenty years later, we all start hearing about school shootings. The first one I ever heard was this one and my mom was shocked and disgusted. I was shocked too.

But in the 2002 remake, she was more portrayed as a victim than someone evil and Sue tells her it wasn’t her fault and is driving in the car with her while Carrie sits in the passenger seat.  In the new movie starring Julianne Moore Carrie dies at the end but uses her powers to push Sue out of her house before it collapse on her to save her life. She was going to kill her too but saves her life instead because she is pregnant. I think that movie followed the novel more than the 2002 remake and I was glad she didn’t kill Sue.

As a teen I would think that people would put an end to bullying to stop school shootings but instead they have invented the zero tolerance policy and have security points in school where students have to walk through them and the security checks for weapons. I thought they had it backwards. I thought they should try and look at what is causing it to prevent it than do this. Like I say here I was raised to look at what is causing the behavior before before you put a stop to it.

But the double standard I cannot stand seeing here is how people are taking about what causes school shootings and that is totally okay to even talk about how bullying causes it but yet if anyone talks about what causes parents to kill their disabled kids and say how lack of help and support causes it, people with autism go in a uproar about it but yet they find that okay about school shooters. But people are also talking about what is causing deaths of special needs kids and people with autism get offended by it and see it as a justification but they turn around and do that about school shooters. There are two threads about it on Wrongplanet already posted this month. But yet if we also talk about what causes bullying, that is also seen as making an excuse for bullies and sympathizing with them. But aren’t they making excuses for school shootings and sympathizing with them? I am going by their logic here.

It had been years since I have seen the original and the 2002 remake and I only saw the newest remake once so my memories about them might not be accurate. I had to cheat and look the movies up online.

But why wasn’t school shootings common when my parents were kids and now they are more common? When you look on Wikipedia, you will see how the list has increased with school shootings. I think certain kids should not be around fire arm if they have a history of violence, lack of impulse control, being impulsive, have behavior issues, emotional issues, any sort of problems because that is the pattern I have noticed with school shooters. They always seem to have these issues. My parents made sure to not ever have any fire arm around at home and made sure my grandfather’s gun stayed locked u because of my own issues and they wanted to take precaution so I wouldn’t be on the list. I read these stories and think who is the right mind lets their kids have a gun and handle fire arm if they already had issues and had a bunch of violent thoughts and fantasies and have obsessions with it? It looks like neglect to me. But Adam Lanza was an adult and so was Christopher Harper-Mercer. I wonder if they still would have done it if they didn’t have any fire arm as a kid and were never taught how to handle a gun. I am in my thirties now and have never handled a gun or shot one. I have never owned one either or been around any. I never wanted to have one because I can’t trust myself with it and I fear that I will use it on someone thinking I am in trouble or that I have a break in. I have heard about accidental deaths in homes because kids find them and shoot someone with it or parents kill their own children thinking they were having a break in. Those stories make me not want to have one. And my husband wanted a BB gun. But I would be fine with nerf guns and water guns and cap guns. And my brothers did have BB guns as children but I never handled one because I was never interested. I am surprised those weren’t locked away. But who is going to go to school and do a shooting spree with BBs? They won’t kill people easily and a bullet is so much quicker to kill.


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