Things I am already tired of in Mario Maker

Saturday, October 17th, 2015

This is the game I have been playing and I have been playing it everyday and have uploaded some levels and deleted a few because I didn’t really like them. One of them was my son’s but it’s just spammed with platforms and enemies and items. I never liked his course TBH. My best ones so far I have created are Mario Bros retro and Vine to the Exit. The rest I have made are not really my favorite so I am trying to work on a cool level and I hope people will like it and it gets lot of stars. I will download other levels sometimes to see how they created them and the homes or buildings. Now on with what I am tired of already.

Automatic courses:

This is so boring now. I want to play the level, not watch Mario beat it on his own. It’s a waste of my time and these levels do come in handy for 100 Mario Challenges. But I decided to start skipping these levels.

Just run courses:

This is also getting boring so I am going to start skipping these soon too because they are also like the automatic courses except you hold down the run button and the D pad to make him move.

Musical levels:

I want to play the level, running across the bottom of the screen while enemies hit the note blocks to make musical notes is not playing the level if there are no enemies or obstacles. I did come across one of them where you had to jump at the very end and I thought that was clever. I should have given that level a star for the creativity and original work.


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