What if Squeaky really was just evil?

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

I have already written about our puppy we had I didn’t like because he wouldn’t quit pissing in the house and how i thought he was just evil and then thinking he was probably just confused so he may have been an innocent animal. Now I am not so sure anymore. What if I was right the whole time that he was evil?

Sometimes I will type in random things like just now I typed in evil dogs and came up with weird pictures and then I typed in “dogs who like to pee in the house on purpose.” As I was typing that in, the results “on purpose” popped up so I knew I was not the only one who has tried doing some reading about it so I selected those keywords and found this:


But the responses are interesting. People are trying to see from the dog’s perspective about why he is doing an evil thing but whenever I read the OP’s posts, they are creepy about her dog. The fact that the dog has never done it before she said and is all of a sudden which is very scary. yeah i can see why my anxiety was high when i was sixteen when Squeaky was doing it. But if kids can go backwards in potty training, why not puppies?

Also Bella5’s response was also interesting. Maybe there are evil dogs out there. I could have been right that our dog was evil.

I will conclude I am not the kind of person who should have a dog because what if the dog is “evil” and I may have been lucky having certain dogs that happen to go outside especially my mixed Black Lab I had. She was a such a good dog and people would comment how good she is. I trained her to not chase after deer on the land and she knew to go outside because I kept her crated and took her outside a lot and would give her a treat right after she would go and I always watched her if she wasn’t crated. then once she showed me she was potty trained, she had my trust. But right now I wouldn’t want a dog because I am not willing to house train it because I have kids and it would be too much and I wouldn’t want my house to smell like piss. Luckily no one else in my home wants a dog but my son but we won’t give him one. But some dogs are not right for everyone.

Or what if their behavior is all just a big coincidence?


But all these scary stories make me not want to ever have a pet despite that when we had some, they were never this bad except for Squeaky and my cat started to piss in the house so I kept her outside often. She was even peeing in the storage spaces in my parents house so they kicked her outside. But now we live in the city so things are different now and I don’t know if we could keep a cat outside all the time. But we have a big yard.

But science say animals are not capable of spite and revenge so what if their behavior is just a big coincidence? Or what if my intensity was making Squeaky pee in the house more? Then it was just going back and forth because him peeing in the house was giving me tremendous anxiety and that anxiety was making it worse for him so he was doing it more so that is why we should have gotten rid of him in the first place because it was not the right time for a new puppy because no one was willing to watch him so they could train him properly and that would have eased my anxiety and I wouldn’t have gone crazy and be heading for psychopathy.


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