Does this mean I have psychopath traits?

Monday, October 12th, 2015

The wish to hurt others is tied not to autism but to psychopathy

I have had fantasies to hurt others who make me mad and I used to have violent thoughts about my ex boyfriends and the only thing that held me back was knowing the consequences to my actions. I think my therapist had psychopathy confused with autism because he blamed my violent fantasies on Asperger’s and I knew then how much BS that was because after reading about it for over two years then, not one book or webpage ever listed violent thoughts as a symptom of Asperger’s.

So this also confirms my fear that I might be a psychopath or have just the traits but not enough to be one. But I think me not acting on it is more out of concern for me than how it would affect others or what destruction it might cause. But I wouldn’t want to take out a bunch of innocent lives who have never done anything wrong to me and it’s not about because I would go to jail, it’s because I am not that evil. I notice my violent fantasies have only been aimed at people who were causing me distress, hurt my feelings, been mean to me, affecting me with whatever they are doing to me. Remember in my other blog post where I wrote about wanting to hurt our puppy because he wouldn’t quit peeing in the house? Then I had a lot less meltdowns and anxiety when he was gone because he caused me tremendous anxiety so I wanted to literally kill him to end it all.


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