Australia is a bad place to live when you want to get games from the eshop

Sunday, October 4th, 2015

I found out that Australia has very limited releases in their eshop while Japan, North American and Europe have all these game selections in the eshop. People in Australia would use the UK eshop for gaming selections before Nintendo changed it.

You can find their eshop game listings here:

I feel sorry for all the Nintendo fans in Australia. I know they find ways around it like having a European 3DS so they can use the UK eshop but that means they would have to buy European 3DS games. I don’t know what they do about their WiiU now because Nintendo also changed that loop with their system update. It used to be they would switch regions with their eshop and then Nintendo did an update where your system locks with a region and you lose all your games if you bought them in a different region so if I were to use the Canadian eshop and bought a game from there and then switched it back to my US eshop, I would lose the games i bought from the Canadian eshop. Your system locks when you select a country with your Nintendo Network ID and you need that to download demos and to buy games and to participate in Miiverse. I guess Nintendo did this to avoid the region exploit. I remember when I connected my Network ID I created on WiiU to my 3DS and then it showed the games on my wiiU wishlist in my eshop on my 3DS system and also when I add funds, it also shows in my WiiU eshop so that way I won’t have to add any separate funds. That makes it easier. But I cannot change regions or I lose all my stuff. I have probably over $300 worth of games I have bought including the Ambassador NES games I got for free and DLC games I have bought and that includes the MewTwo I got for free from Club Nintendo and other eshop games I got with my coins from it.

But I still can’t stop feeling sorry for those Australians and anyone who lives down there.


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