Basically people are “forced” to have a baby

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015

I have been reading online for years and it’s amazing what you can lean on here and what kind of people there are in the world but yet you never see those kind because people tend to be more open on the internet about their opinions and beliefs and perspectives and we probably have seen these people but we just didn’t know that part of them. But even in real life you might run into those people or probably have. My mom has told me she has dumped friends because she didn’t like their philosophy so she started fading on them. She wouldn’t give me any details, she just told me that is what she has done.

But anyway I have been reading childfree forums for the past four years and I have learned how people without kids get what is the word, I don’t even remember. But it’s like they get punished for it. If you need help like with housing or any food or any assistance, you won’t get it but if you have kids you are more likely to get help. If you are pregnant, you will get help from the state. Now I read on the childfree subreddit that to get low income internet, you need to have kids. I had no idea there was any assistance to help people afford the internet but I knew such phone plans existed and cell phone companies do the same so low income people will have a cell phone but I had no idea you could get assistance to have internet.

So I do feel for childfree people that they are getting punished for not having kids because they are less likely to get assistance and if they steal money or food, they get jail time but if you are a parent and are caught doing that, you get no jail time. I can understand their frustration and why it pisses them off because they would have to starve and go hungry and maybe pawn off their belongings to get food but when you have kids you wouldn’t need to do that, just go and steal food and if you get caught, the officer will pay for some of your food and he tells you where to go for free food.

With all this help out there for families, this also tells me I can just pop out kids I cannot even afford because the state will bail me out. I could continue having more kids if I wanted to and then expect to get assistance to get a bigger car and I wonder if there is such thing. But I am not a dishonest person so I won’t go out of my way to abuse the system like some people would. I have two kids but won’t pop out more and I got a IUD to ensure I won’t get pregnant again since my husband doesn’t want any abortions.

Some people believe these programs exist so people will have kids and some other people believe these programs exist for families that fall on hard times until they get back on their feet again. I was told these programs existed because they want everyone to have kids. My parents believe it, my ex’s did, my husband believes it, I believe it. If this wasn’t the case, then wouldn’t the state just snatch your kid from you because you didn’t make enough in income to raise it without any assistance? You would need to have a history of a high income and a high paying job to prove you can get back on your feet again to avoid your kids from being taken. Also I don’t think doctors and social workers would be telling you about WIC and other programs to sign up for if these programs were only for people who fell on hard times, not because they want people to have kids.


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