Back to working five days

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

About the government shutdown, GSA made budget cuts so I was given a new schedule starting October 1st and I would be off every Thursday so I would now be working four days a week. Today I go into work and I get told that the new schedule has been cancelled so I work tomorrow. I was confused at first and she started laughing and I asked her if she is joking and she goes “no no, schedule cancelled you come to work tomorrow” and she pointed to the board and the new schedules are gone and the words Oct. 1st. I go to the office and ask my new supervisor about it and he said the union had stepped in so we are working five days a week again for now and that GSA is still working on things. Later at work I hear from employees that too many people had complained which is why we got our five days back. I guess this happened at other places too besides this building only I work in. And here I was all prepared for four days so it was a shock to find out I will be working tomorrow when i am supposed to be off and I was going to sleep all day and relax to get better. Lately I have been very tired lately and get sleepy during the day. I might be getting sick. My son didn’t feel good either today so he was calm all day and mellow and he laid down in my bed and slept. This was a good day for me because of no chaos and my daughter was calm because her brother was calm.


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