Apparently I wasn’t given the silent treatment according to my mother

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

Not everything I read online is true because some people who were in a relationship with a narcissist while long distance or not living together, their partners would go silent on them and they called it the silent treatment. I could relate to that.

My mom said what my ex did wasn’t the silent treatment because what could he do, I wasn’t living with him and he didn’t have my money so he didn’t need me. My mom thinks he only wanted my money even though I had no job then and was only getting $115 from Social Security because some lady in Missoula, MT didn’t put my pay stubs into their computer system at the office when I sent them in. But anyway we were not living together because he got evicted from his apartment so he had to live with his parents and I didn’t want to live there with him because it would have been too crowded and there wouldn’t have been room for me to sleep because my ex snores and I can’t sleep with snoring and his parents used one of the spare bedrooms as a computer room and they always had stuff on the couch so there wouldn’t have been anywhere else for me to sleep and I would have been up and not be able to sleep with the snoring. I just didn’t feel comfortable moving there so I moved in with my aunt and uncle and my mom called that the break up just because I didn’t go with him to live with his parents.

My mom said the silent treatment is when you are living together and the partner just ignores you so you will feel guilty and bad. Okay so what if the relationship was long distance or if a couple were not living together due to religion or personal beliefs because they don’t believe in living together unless they’re married or some people might not believe in moving in together until they have been in a relationship long enough with that person. So by her logic it wouldn’t be a silent treatment if their partner just started to ignore them and she asked how do you ignore someone if you’re not living together so I told her “Not answering your calls or email or texts.”

I don’t know anymore. Maybe it’s just her personal opinion but I don’t think we were broken up when we moved out of his apartment. It was meant until he found another place to live and then we would live together again but it didn’t work that way thank goodness.


I made that post on another website and someone told me it was called ghosting and her nex did it to her and she went no contact when she realized what he was doing.


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