Song that has always creeped me out

Sunday, September 27th, 2015

The beginning sounds fine until it gets to around 0:18 and then the part at 0:55 you can hear it a little bit, and then you hear it loudly around 1:13.

I thought the temple always looked like a mansion but where is all the furniture and what is with the weird rooms?

But then I am relieved that temple is over but there are other things in the game that creep me out like those goblins or the song under the well and the sound in Hyrule town when Link is an adult and those ReDeads are creepy and where Ganon’s castle is. But sadly the game doesn’t have a feature where you can just turn the song off and keep the sounds. But I guess that is what Nintendo wanted, to creep us out with their music in the game to make it more challenging for us to play unless you want to play with no sound at all. But then you can’t hear any enemies nearby. Even my son thought the song was creepy and he didn’t want to play the temple and then hes decided it’s not creepy at all so he was begging me to take him back to the temple even though I had beat it for him. The boss is a cinch, I could beat it in two minutes. But is it just me or is the 3DS version easier to play because things seem easier in it like i got Epona but couldn’t in the N64 version and I can do the shooting galleries easier because all I have to do is move the game system to aim and I found the Forest temple boss easier to play. I remember I did lot of goof ups in it and even died but still found the boss not very hard at all once I figured it out. But one thing I noticed about him is he seems to go higher in the air and shoot lightning beams at me, I don’t remember him doing that on the N64 version. But I also liked how they added the feature where you can relive the bosses again by fighting them again you can access from Link’s house and this time it times you to see how fast you can beat them. There are slight changes in the game but the good thing is it’s easier to see the rooms when it’s dark because it’s all lighter now due to better graphics.


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