My son got invited to his first birthday party

Saturday, September 26th, 2015

Yesterday I came to pick up my son from school and he had a party invite. I opened it when we got to the car and it was an invitation for a birthday party at someone’s house and it was going to be today. Who sends invitations out the day before the party? So today we headed out and got him a birthday present and my son picked out wrapping paper and a card. Then we came home and we wrapped it and I had him write his name on the card and then the boy’s name on the envelope and I put the present up high so Sissy couldn’t get to it. My son is looking forward to this and is anxious to go and he is being patient by watching youtube on my other 3DS I had given him.

Now my son wants his own party. But we would have to do it in early December or else no one will show up if we do it on his birthday or around it because it’s so close to the holiday and by then people might not have the money for a present or will be out of town or busy with other things to even take their kid to a party or even have them attend.

I am so happy for my son he got invited to his first party.


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