Spatial reasoning

Friday, September 25th, 2015

I just did this test and got 0/10 correct.

I have always been bad at these because I need to actually fold the cube to see for real, I cannot just fold it in my head and see how it will look. I had troubles with this in math too when they had this for geometry. I looked up spatial reasoning disability and I am good with reading maps, I am good with directions, I don’t get lost, I am visual, I have missed things that were in front of me so my mother always told me “if they had teeth, it would bite” I cannot look at something and see if something will fit, I cannot just get a box and see if I can fit certain things in it so therefore i would suck with shipping items because I wouldn’t know what box to use and how to pack things to ship but yet I suck with this cube things. Just one of the things I don’t understand about my brain, so many contradictions.

My husband is the same way, he is good with picturing how things will fit and he can do it but yet he is bad with directions and gets lost easily even though he knows the area and he also has poor timing concept, he is not good with maps either so he needs GPS.


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