Can one be born evil or not?

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

I just got through reading Small Sacrifices and I have seen discussions in books and online about if one can be born evil or is it developed. was Hitler born evil or Bundy and was Downs born evil? Sure she was sexually abused by her father and he was rough with all his kids and his wife went along with it because she was also raised to believe men are right and the head of the household so you do what they want. Diane was not allowed to her feelings and was taught to hold them in. Even her mom confirmed this in the trial. could this have led her to be a narcissist? Could this have led her to psychopathy? But when we all become adults, we are now responsible for our actions and how we handle our past and handle how we deal with our past.

Sarah Burleton wrote a blog here about so many adults blaming their parents on their problems and failures and the kind of people they are now. I even knew one person online who was a malignant narcissist who used her childhood as an excuse for her behavior and how she treated others and acted on forums and she also played the PTSD card and she always carried the fact that she was abused as a child as a badge of honor and would always bring it up in arguments like it was relevant. How many former child abuse victims do this? None, I have only seen her do it.

Hitler was abused by his father, he was also abused from other kids because they bullied him and rejected him, he was called a loser as an adult and he wanted to be an architect but he got told he couldn’t be one because he was a loser. He had a rather sad life but yet he turned into a monster. Was all this a reason for why he went evil?

When I read about evil, the writer always brings up the famous novel from the 1950’s The Bad Seed and I have even seen the 1993 movie staring Macauley Culkin, The Good Son, get mentioned. Ann Rule mentioned The Bad Seed in her book Small Sacrifices when talking about Diane and her cluster b disorders and she explained how Diane isn’t insane, and insanity can be cured, personality disorders cannot so therefore Downs was considered a high risk to society which is the reason why she needed to be locked up. Rule also wrote about Downs past and if she was born evil or not and her childhood abuse may not have made her that way if she was born that way already.

I do wonder if one can be born evil but for that person to be evil, something in the environment would have to trigger that evil gene. Can someone be born with an evil gene and not be evil because nothing in their environment triggered it? Lot of people who have had abusive childhoods or were badly bullied grow up to not be evil so could that mean one has to be born evil? My husband thinks it has to due with their brain being wired and something in the environment would have to cause that in their personality and they are just simply born that way so it’s not like it’s society’s fault for these people. These people already existed so it’s not like we created them.

How I feel about school shooters, I can’t really blame bullies or by that logic we can blame all the people who were mean to Hitler and also blame his father because if they were all so good to him, he wouldn’t have taken over countries and kill over six million Jews and do genocide, we could also blame Down’s father for sexually abusing her and he taught all his kids to hold in their feelings and not show them and not have any and all her siblings turned out fine and didn’t get selfish like Down’s and turn into psychopaths and narcissists and have histrionic personality disorder. So I think kids who do school shootings are already evil and psychopaths to begin with and I find it sickening when I see anyone trying to justify it and blame it on others. Now the media tries to blame it on autism which is even more offensive. Now we have that new stereotype now that we are shooters and will go on shooting sprees if you piss us off for too long. One man on Wrongplanet even decided to undiagnose himself with Asperger’s by going in denial because he didn’t want to be associated with that stereotype and be assumed that he will turn into a shooter. Yes quite a few school shooters were on the autistic spectrum but I say that was a coincidence and it’s not a symptom of autism to go on a shooting spree. Anyone can do a crime, anyone can do a shooting spree, there is no condition out there that will make anyone immune to killings. I think one just has to be a psychopath to do it.


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