My rant about Dell

Monday, September 21st, 2015

Dell has always pissed me off because they seem to have poor listening skills or our communication either sucks.

I have always had problems with my computer ever since I have gotten it. But we have also had problems with their customer support it has involved taking my computer to a computer place that fixes them for low price for us to know what the real problem is and then going back to dell to report about it.

They used to send people over to fix my computer and it has been very simple before before they started to make it hard for us. They have replaced the part for the AC adapter, replaced the fans, replaced keys on my keyboard. But one time my son broke my AC adapter because he slipped on it and fell on it so it broke. I used my mom’s for a while. My husband ordered a replacement online for me from their website but they sent the wrong one. I thought my husband did a goof up. But we sent it back and they sent back a replacement and it was only one half of the cord so my husband called them back so we sent it back and we get the other part again we had sent back, this was pissing me off so my husband called them back and I just wanted to demand where I can buy this locally and if there are any Dell stores around here because I am sick of them messing up our order, they finally sent us the right one and I had used that same one ever since. Another time the sound quit working so we tell Dell that but they said it was a virus that did it and said it was my fault even though I had no downloaded anything and they didn’t find any problems so they were going to charge us. I decided I will just use head phones since it still works with them. We could never get the speaker issues resolved and then finally they said it was a software issue and they were going to charge us because I didn’t have software warranty. I take it to the computer place instead and it turns out it was I either need new speakers or it’s the mother board. Also they said I needed a new keyboard and mouse key which I could also never fix with Dell because they said I had the keys turned off. I did not because the other key worked but not the left one. Dell just wouldn’t listen or my husband sucked at his communication.

So my husband calls Dell again and reports it all to them and this time they finally listen and say they think it may be the motherboard and they wanted us to send my computer in. So they send the box and I ship it to them and they replaced several things and finally the speakers work for the first time in over a year.

After one week of having the computer back again, the computer falls off my lap because of my daughter and two keys fall off. My husband calls Dell again and I was expecting to be paying for it because it was caused by human damage and they said they would send the replacement keys and I just pop them back on. Instead they send the keyboard. So here I am trying figure out how to do this myself without worrying about ruining my own computer. Maybe I will just stick with two busted keys or take it to that computer place and pay them to do the work.

I have tried to call Dell myself but I can never find the right phone number and get through the voice menu when I do call and I keep messing up and my anxiety gets in the way when I try and figure it out because I get so frustrated so my husband does it. It would be so much easier if they just had people you ca automatically talk to right when you call the number, not have these stupid voice menus and you talking to a computer. It’s like they do these things to keep people like me away so they make it me proof because they do not provide you to stay on the line for someone to pick up or have to push a number to talk to someone like other places do.

Yeah and I have seen people online say how people should use Google to tell them how to fix their computers and all but they don’t seem to get that not everyone can still figure it out even after looking it up and I am one of those people. I still can’t even figure out how to make a streetpass relay in my home after I have looked up instructions how to do it. See not everyone is tech smart. It’s like expecting people to look up how to do algebra and then expect them how to do the problems all of a sudden or expecting anyone to look up calculus or other college math problems and expecting them how to do them all of a sudden when not everyone is good with math. Dell probably thinks I can just look it up and do it myself but I need someone with me or need step by step instructions how to do it and i can’t get that from a video or from words. I guess I am better off taking it to the computer show and hand them the keyboard and have them pop it right in even if it might cost me over $100. I have hardware warranty so it shouldn’t cost me anything but I wonder if they want us to drop them or not renew the warranty from them so they are making it hard for us so we will drop their service. That sounds like a very logical conclusion because of how companies work when they want someone to leave like your boss starts giving you less hours so you will quit or not put you on schedule so I wouldn’t see why a company wouldn’t so the same for their customers when they want them to stop using their service.


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