The chanting song

Saturday, September 19th, 2015

Remember when Nintendo released Ocarina of Time, people got offended by the chanting so they had to recall all the games and remake the song and release the new copies? That was what they did before they went digital so now instead of recalling all the games and having everyone send their game back and sending them a replacement of the game, they can now fix the bugs or fix anything errors they missed in the game and now all we have to do is download the update and sometimes it’s automatic or the system doesn’t let you play the game unless you do an update. The con part is it takes up memory.

Here is the original of the Fire Temple song people took offense to. I always thought it sounded Native American.

Here is the politically correct version:

Why were people offended by the chanting? According to the youtube comments about the original version, it had to do with the translation of the chanting and with Muslims and with religion.

But Nintendo had decided to speak up about it in 2012:

So apparently what I heard about their reason for the removal was untrue because Nintendo had created both versions before the release and they did it to avoid controversy, they didn’t make the change after the release and then fix the issue due to public outcry.

But I no longer have the cartridge with the original because I recently traded it in because I was going to get it on the 3DS which I did.


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