I probably should stop listening to my co workers

Friday, September 11th, 2015

This happened on Tuesday.

Last week I hear there were no kids at daycare but I do my normal routine at work. I go to the daycare and sweep and vacuum and then I do the other daycare and I get told there are no kids so I didn’t need to clean in there. It was a Labor Day weekend so there was no daycare for the rest of the week for the kids for some reason. It makes me wonder what do parents do about childcare now while going to work. So I stop cleaning in there and do recycling up on the floors and then I am done with my shift. The next day I don’t clean because I am reminded again about no kids so I don’t go to the day cares and I am done with my shift early again. Friday comes and no kids so I don’t clean any of the day cares and I skip to recycling and go home.

On Tuesday I go into work (we didn’t work Monday due to the holiday) and the first thing I get from one of the co workers is “Why didn’t you clean the east daycare?” I tell her “No kids.” She lectures me about how I clean the that daycare every Friday and I tell her again there were no kids so no clean. She tells me she had to do the sweeping and the vacuuming for me. I told her again I was informed there were no kids so no cleaning day cares.

I wondered if I took it all literal when I was told to not clean them because of no kids, Labor Day weekend. No one told me the other daycare still needed to be cleaned because there were still kids there but not in the other two. I decided next time to just keep my routine than changing it if anyone tries to stop me because I don’t want this to happen again. I also wondered if anyone at work learned they are better off just letting me to my job than stopping me or else there will be confusion and then i don’t do my job when I should have and also maybe they learned to be more specific. But at least there wasn’t a consequence.


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