What I learned about having a yard sale

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

There are a bunch of cheapskates, $12 is too much for five toys especially if they were all a bundle and even $10 was too much and you would be spending a lot more than that at a Goodwill or Ross or TJ Maxx.

You cannot sell any baby gear at yard sales, people will be cheap and not want to spend a good 40 dollars on a new baby swing or $35 on a new baby carrier or even want to spend $25 on a exercauser or even $12. You are better off selling it on craigslist or taking it to a baby resale.

And when you pack up after you are through and put everything in a pile to take to charity, put the ad on craigslist saying it’s all free before you take it to charity, people come running to it because I woke up the next morning and everything was almost gone. But the rest I want to resell I put in my car including video games. But yet they wouldn’t come to the yard sale but did for the free stuff lol. I just wanted to get rid of it before taking it in so it’s less stuff to haul lol. The baby gear went in the garage since it wouldn’t fit in my car and I separated my brother’s stuff from mine and stuck it all in the other garage.

I don’t know if I want to do another yard sale again because people are too cheap and you don’t get much anyway from stuff you sell and my mom said it depends on what neighborhood you are in. I guess we aren’t in the right neighborhood for it. But we made $162.95 and my son made only $12. My parents made $28.75 and my brother made around $85 and my husband owes him six bucks because he bought his stuff at the yard sale. My dad bought this nice laptop bag from him for $70. Most of the money I made came from these game collector guys who dropped by to look at them and bought all my 3DS/DS game cases and half of the other games I was selling which wasn’t much but that was the most money spent by a customer at my yard sale.

But I am better off selling more valuable stuff on Craigslist.


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