My husband wanted a BB gun and my mom said no

Sunday, September 6th, 2015

We have been having a rat problem. My parents have been seeing some close to our stoop in our backyard so my parents went out and got some rat poison. My mom also told me a story that my husband wanted to get a BB gun so he could shoot the rats so she told him “no no you may not get a BB gun” because she didn’t want any holes in the windows or siding or in the hot tub and I said it would teach our son to shoot animals so he might start shooting at the birds, the squirrels, not a very good example to set for him and she said my son could get access to it and might shoot his eye out or his little sister and my husband said he would keep it put away and not let the kids get it and my mom told him he will forget because how many times does he leave his stuff out and his pipe too, he will forget to put his gun away too. How many times has my dad lost his wallet since he has moved here and lost his other things and leaving stuff out. My brother in law agreed with my mother and said to my husband “She is right bro, it’s a guy thing, we do it all the time.”

Women are more organized so they are able to multitask and men can’t so they get distracted and leave stuff out and forget to put it away.

My husband is sometimes crazy about things.


2 comments on “My husband wanted a BB gun and my mom said no

  1. […] get a hold of it and kill themselves with it or someone else, then we would be facing charges. And my husband wanted a BB gun. Hunting guns also look like those because my grandfather owned one for when he used to hunt. I […]


  2. […] they were having a break in. Those stories make me not want to have one. And my husband wanted a BB gun. But I would be fine with nerf guns and water guns and cap guns. And my brothers did have BB guns […]


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