Yard sale went better

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

We did better this time than last time. We had it further out on the driveway so people can see it when they look for it and also it was nicer weather so more people stopped by. But then the forecast changed so it got rainy and I had to pack everything under the cover and move stuff under tables, that made it harder to attract people and then it got nice out an hour before it was time to close up so I left it like that. But I sold half of the video games I was selling and sold all my game cases and I gave away that Wii Paper Mario display thing because it got ruined in the rain last weekend. These two men were video game collectors. I also sold half of my cloth diapers and sold some more of my coloring and sticker books from when I was a kid and I sold some of my baby clothes. I notice most of the stuff that got sold belong to my husband and me. Most of the stuff at our yard sale is all ours.

But one thing I learned about doing yard sales is cheapskates. People will want things for cheap. They come by and even a low price won’t be good enough for them. Three bucks is too much or 12 bucks is too much for five toys and for god’s sake I sold things in bundles and ten bucks was still too much for this one mother. So I sold it all for five because it was what she wanted. Then one guy that stopped by wanted these four sets of chairs for ten and my mom said $15 and it was still too much, my mom came out and looked at them and decided twenty and not go below it. The man all of a sudden wanted $14 for them and then  $15. I swear that people come to yard sales and expect to buy things cheaper than resale stores.

But I hope the weather will be nicer and not be any rain and it better not change on us again like it did today. Too bad we don’t have a big huge canopy that covers the entire driveway.

I think what made us do better this time was nicer weather (last week was cloudy and windy) and we were further out on the driveway inside of on the side and in our backyard.


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