Could this be why he came back?

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

Here are some reasons why the narcissist may be back in your life again:

1. He is retesting the waters to see if you are still shallow or if you have become too deep for his survival. He is trying to find out, if you are still hooked on him. He is probably testing his skills to see if you will fall for him again. To see how dumb you are and if you have matured beyond him.

2. He has ran out of narcissistic supply and harem. You are probably his last resort. He is lacking in narcissistic supply and therefore he is back to get more. He likes attention and he cannot obtain it therefore he is seeking out one of his discarded supplies that are always in storage for his droughts.

3. Your life has been improved and he wants to enjoy your accomplishments through proxy. You have become the new executive and he has decided that your new status deems you worthy of his divine association because you have something to offer. Whether it is monetary assistance based on your salary, the social connections that your job consequent or just the mere thought of saying my girlfriend is the CEO for Goldman Sachs.

4. He wants to have sex and you are readily available. Instead of having to act and woo a new supply the somatic narcissist will no doubt run for the fall back girl. Who is pining away for his return and then he will drop her and move on when a more valued conquest or narcissistic supply arrives.

5. He misses you. Don’t feel happy about this because, he may just miss you for the wrong reasons.  He misses how you pandered to his every wish and hang on to his every word. He does not miss you as a person. He misses the attention and the adulation that you gave him that he is probably unable to get any where else.

So after Jerry had been silent on me, I find a PM in my inbox so I open it and it’s from him. It’s titled “new boyfriend.” I am nervous as I open it because he had been silent on me and now he was back talking to me. I wonder how does he feel that I got a new boyfriend replacing him, would he think I cheated on him? I open it and it’s a positive one, he tells me he hopes things go well with me and that it will work out and he asked me if he had Asperger’s or if he is NT. I respond back and I remember we only exchanged a couple PMs and then he is silent again.

Thanksgiving comes, he sends me an instant message on Yahoo Messenger wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving. He asks me about my new boyfriend again, the same questions and asking me this time if I am still with him. We only talk for two minutes and it was like nothing ever happened between us, we were just talking like we used to when we first met and I really enjoyed this. It brought back good memories about the way things used to be. I think it’s actually normal to feel this way just based on a post I read in a secret Facebook group that is about domestic abuse and narcissism. But then he had to get off and get ready for work. I tell him “talk to you later.” That is the last time I ever heard from him. I honestly thought we would talk again but that never happened and I let it go and moved on with my life. I have always found it all strange that he would message me all of a sudden but now I know.

Taken from what I have read from the article I had quoted and linked to, he may have been bored, he wanted control again so he missed his supply, he couldn’t find any other supply so he went back to me to see if I was available, he may have wanted to see if I was missing him and how my life had turned out. Yes he was a creep and he was smart to fuck off.


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