Did I just threaten allstate?

Monday, August 31st, 2015

I have money anxiety so any changes in money makes me worried. Money has not been taken out yet for car insurance so I looked online under my account on allstate and saw I had paid in full so I had my husband check our bank account again and it wasn’t showing in there still. I also looked at the statements on my account and saw as of August 2014, the payment was around $334 and then six months later it was $348 and not bad at all. But this time it was way up to $382. I am scared that it will keep going up like it did with Progressive which is why I cancelled them because they were now charging us over $500 so I cancelled them and went to Allstate thinking it would be better. I have no gotten any tickets or been in any wrecks and I still got this huge increase. I do get discounts and this was after the discount. So I emailed my agency about my concern and told him I didn’t want to be paying over $400 next time or $500 because I don’t want to cancel them like i did with the other because of it and then have to shop around again.

I realized I had basically threatened to cancel them if they charge me above $400 ever. Sure I didn’t say “If you ever go above $400 for me to renew, I will cancel your policy and go somewhere else for it” but it was what I basically meant even though I was civil and concerned about my money and their policy. It can be translated into that by anyone if they read my email.

But I have six months to relax and not worry about this until January when we get the policy again before the bill telling us how much we have paid. It’s automatic withdrawal so we have nothing to worry.

But money anxiety sucks because if I was rich or had a real high income, I wouldn’t have to worry about change in bills when they increase. I even went for a honored citizen bus pass because I hated how they were increasing their fares and ten dollars in increase was too much and I didn’t want to be paying over $100 for a bus pass so I went for a honored citizen because I hate my budget being fucked with unless payments go down instead of up. I only like change if payments are less than up. I hate being broke or worrying about bad things happening and being all distressed because of a change. While payments go up, my earnings do not go up which is why I have an issue with all this. Which is why my husband takes care of the finances because I always flip out over money and unexpected bills and then I refuse to do anything because I hate surprises and always worried what if an unexpected payment happens. I live like I am poor so my husband took over the finances because I could not handle it and I was chewing him out over spending literally a dollar. Now this car insurance is scaring me so I basically threatened them even though it was not my intent.


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