Yard Sale disaster

Sunday, August 30th, 2015

We didn’t make very much. It could have been due to weather or the signs were not good enough. But people still came and my husband and I made the most money. My parents only made around $11.50 and my little brother made $4. One customer said it was hard to see the signs. It rained hard at night so it ruined one of the signs so I had to tape it and it faded the color of the letters. It poured rain a few times and it was very windy and then we decided to close up before five and no one was coming anyway because it was pouring rain. My dad found out he screwed up because we had sold something of my brother’s that wasn’t meant to be sold and it was his car amplifiers.  None of us knew what they were so they got sold for $2 total. My brother said he had them in the attic but they were’t up there. They were with the stuff we were selling. He hadn’t been using them anyway so he has had them at our house and I didn’t even know what they were when I saw them. But he took it well when he found out my dad had sold them. He was saying it was okay and my dad offered to pay him back for them. I think what he should have done instead was call my brother and ask him how much he wanted to sell them for and he would have found out then those were not meant to be in the yard sale. I think those were worth more than two bucks because I looked them up online and they are pricey.

But hopefully it will be better tomorrow and I will check the signs again to be sure they are still there and readable and if not, I will just go and buy some special paper people use for yard sale signs and use a black marker this time and get balloons again. It’s supposed to be showers only than rain and there is always next weekend and it’s supposed to be sunny next Saturday and maybe more people will come then.


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