Rents skyrocketing here

Friday, August 28th, 2015

In the past few months, the rent here has been skyrocketing. It makes me so glad I have moved into a house. Portland is getting so expensive now and my little brother had to buy a home because he could not afford to rent and the places he could afford would not work with his two kids so my parents helped him with a down payment. He lived in the RC on our drive way for a while until he got the house and his sons lived with their grandparents. Its cheaper to own a home than rent.

My mom told me they had been talking about freezing rent costs so people wouldn’t be kicked out of their apartments because they could no longer afford to pay it and if they are good renters the landlord wouldn’t be able to raise it on them. I thought that is a good thing if they do pass that law. I wonder what happens to people who can no longer afford to pay rent and they can’t afford to live anywhere else and can’t afford to move, I guess they lose everything and end up homeless.

I cannot imagine still living in our apartment and bam rent goes up and it’s over $1,000 so fast, I would freak out and have a meltdown and have a lot of anxiety. I know lot of people are having issues with skyrocketing rent. People keep comparing this city to San Francisco because I keep hearing they don’t want us to become them.

Now I should look up the apartments here online to see their price range for rent and see what they all say.


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