Hanging up yard sale signs

Friday, August 28th, 2015

The yard sale is tomorrow and I made four more signs and my son watched me. I used Bingo markers and a sharpie to outline the words to make them stand out to the drivers. Then later in the day, I got everything ready, I got dressed and the kids and got the signs and the tape and scissors and left with the stroller carrying the signs on top of the canopy. I put the signs up at each train stop on both sides of the intersection so people can see them when they get off and I had an arrow pointing which direction. Then I realized mailing tape would be better so I went back home and grabbed the mailing tape and went to the other intersection and put up three more signs. Then I realized I should have put arrows on them too so I put them up anyway and tape them and make sure they stay (I hope) and then I headed back home. My dad was home this time so I left the kids at home and I grabbed the bingo markers again and the sharpie and left again with the duct tape. It was a good thing I brought it because the wind from the cars was making the sign I stuck on the fence flipping one side so I taped that side to the fence and I drew an arrow. I did it to two other signs too and went home. I still have the other intersection to do but I will do it tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to this weekend but the bad news is it’s supposed to rain so my mother decided we’ll do part of it in our garage. I hope it won’t rain hard. It was just sprinkling today when I was hanging up those signs and adding arrows to them. My dad also got some money from the bank for change.


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