My revenge on my ex’s

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

I thought what this person said here was very good.

How I got revenge on Jerry was moving on and getting a new boyfriend and he was perfect and a lot better than he is. Sure he had bad feet and didn’t drive and isn’t able to anyway but he was still perfect. He understood me, accepted me, I didn’t feel I had to change to please him and to make him happy, he never got mad at me about my anxiety, he is very sensitive about feelings, and we got married, had two kids, we are living a happy life, we lived a happy life in our apartment without any financial issues and we didn’t need to get any money from anyone to live. Right now her life is bad and my life is good so this is good revenge here I did. Also karma is a bitch. That is also the other revenge you do, hope for karma on that person and go back and see if they are getting it but that can be a big mistake looking your ex’s up online because you might be upset they are having a happier life than you are or a better life or seeing that they have moved on and are content with themselves but what I saw was my ex having a sad sad life I wouldn’t wish on anyone but yet I saw irony which also bugged me because I hate hypocrisy but yet I saw she was exploring adult baby so there was a feeling of betrayal. To me that was being a hypocrite but my husband told me she was just over compensating so that all makes sense why she would go against her own word and I don’t feel as annoyed. I did start to suspect that she was transgender and that she wanted to do more childish things but refused because she was too concerned it would make her a pedophile and thought others would think that of her. But back then I didn’t know the term transgender or knew nothing about it. The whole concept of feeling being born with the wrong gender was alien to me and it went over my head. But yet I never had any problems with people living as a different gender because I saw it as harmless. But she had way too many problems and I had to get out because of her over compensation and she took it out on me even though I was not fully aware of it.

My other ex, my revenge was just me breaking up with him.

I don’t waste my time on other revenge because it’s a waste of energy and a sign of being dysfunctional and having wrath and not moving on and a sign of having issues letting go and moving on.


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