I got my computer back

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Today was an exciting day. I saw a man walking to our front door so I opened it and it was the Fed Ex man. He looked to be in his late teens or early twenties. It was the Dell box and I knew it was my computer but because it was a signed package and my husband’s name was on it, he had to sign for it so I called to him and he came up and signed for the package. Then I opened it and it was my computer and it looked brand new. They had replace more things than I expected. They had replaced the hard drive and few other things but they did replace the keyboard, mouse key, and the mother board. My laptop looks brand new. But it was a bitch to set it up. I had lost everything so it was only the recycle bin and Internet Explorer and I had to set the Windows up and then I had to install a anti virus program and then re download Google Chrome since I do not like IE. Then I downloaded Yahoo messenger. But the sound works again, yay. My husband told me I basically got a brand new computer. It works good as new. I still have yet to download Amazon Kindle again. Now I don’t have to keep on using my Mom’s laptop. I bet she is happy I got mine back.


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