One of the worst places to live, Montana IMO

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

I lived in Montana for eight years and I did not like living there. I think it’s one of the worst states to live in and my town ranked 11th on the list and Polson ranked the 17th. It’s beautiful and they have Glacier Park but what is so bad about it is well lot of things and I will explain why.

There is no public transportation so you better need a car.

Lack of employment, less jobs because of less people and there are a bunch of small towns, even in the middle of nowhere and you would have to drive an hour or more to get to work or even drive a half hour to work. I would drive eleven miles to work and it was about a half hour.

You would have to drive about forty minutes to get to a nice restaurant

Dairy Queen is only open seasonally. Fortunately the one in my town was open all year around.

Your local movie theater only shows one or two movies, you would have to drive at least an hour to a real movie theater

There is not much entertainment unless you are an outdoor person so there will be camping, hunting fishing, hiking, river rafting.

You would have to drive at least 200 miles to do some real shopping. Fortunately where I lived, we only needed to drive an hour

You would have to drive a ways to go to a grocery store. My parents would drive 11 miles to Safeway which was a fortunate because it was nearby but in another town

No real video stores, they are defunct now and it’s rare to find one now

Harder to date, less people, less people to find to date and you would have to drive a few hours to meet someone you met online on a dating site

The wage there is low so there is no way my husband and I would make it there because things are just too expensive and I would be making less money there than I do now and even though rent in cheaper there, it’s still expensive due to low wages so ironic how we can survive here than we would in Montana despite cheaper prices.

I was not a happy camper there as an adult so i felt depressed and felt I was not going anywhere in my life so i fixed it by moving out of state to a city. But I don’t mind visiting my old home town, it’s fun and fun to look around but I know I would get tired of it real quick if we moved there.

I may seem negative about living there but I am just not a outdoor person, I am a city person. I did not like living there at all and you had to drive everywhere and drive a ways to get to places. Here, there are tons of people and there are autism groups, kink groups, a bunch of groups you can join, light rails and buses, a bunch of shopping centers and stores, and there are a lot more jobs and a lot more people to meet.


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