How husbands clean

Monday, August 24th, 2015

(Humor in the title)

Today I came home to a messy house and I was not happy. Right away I started doing the dishes and my husband said he would do them but I wanted them done now and he wasn’t doing them. He wanted to rest his feet until they don’t hurt. They always hurt so who knows how long that will be and before he knows he, he forgets to do them again. I had to empty the dishwasher and load it and wash the stove and counter tops and I made my husband clean up the living room. He had our son help out and then I start cleaning in there, I sweep and vacuum and I see my husband had done a poor job picking up because he had just tossed stuff in the bucket and storage basket and they were all mixed. I also noticed the puzzle box empty and he had the wrong stuff in there. I had to reorganize it and I scolded my husband about it and he said he didn’t know they go because he “had never seen them” and I noticed some letter pieces scattered on the floor that belong to a toy my mom bought for her grand kids. I was pissed about the messy house and how my husband let them make a huge mess. Like he doesn’t know what toys his own children have. He also did a poor job with the high chair too and he said he was going to clean it and I just wiped the food off the chair and into the waste basket.

My mom had her cell phone and saw my kids had been messing with it and she told me my husband didn’t even watch our kids. Tomorrow I am going to tell them what I expect when I get home from work and that he is too watch the kids and make sure they don’t make huge messes. You clean up as they make them I told him. Plus they were in my room and I was not happy either so I threatened to put a damn lock on my door if he can’t keep them out of here. They get into my things, I think it was mostly my daughter. Toddler knobs don’t work anymore because my son can just take them off and he can leave my door open after leaving my room.


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