Gamefly shipping issues

Monday, August 24th, 2015

I sent back Puzzles & Dragons two weeks ago and they sent out Pokemon Art Academy. I play it and didn’t really like it so I sent it back the next day and they received the game but never sent out the next game on my list. I had also realized I had accidentally sent back my Zelda game with it so that means my son didn’t lose it, hooray and I apologized to him about it. I did tell Gamefly about it and they hadn’t received the game and I wait and wait and the game still shows in my queue. I reported the game as not received last Wednesday and I still never heard back from them about what they found out so I sent them an email and they misunderstood and thought I was telling them they never received Pokemon Art Academy so they told me they got it and they will ship out the next game shortly. So I do live chat and it’s the same woman who had sent me the email so I told her she misunderstood and they never got back Puzzles & Dragons but they did get back the other game. She asked me when i sent it back and I said two weeks ago and she looks and saw I had reported I had sent one of my own games back to them and I said yes and I told her I sent back Puzzles & Dragons and they sent out the next game and I played it and didn’t like it, so I sent it back and they got it but never the other game. She says “one moment” and she comes back and says they have reported it as not received and will send out the next game shortly. Then that was the end of our chat.

I hope this solves it and I am thinking of going down to the post office tomorrow to file a complaint for item never received and tell them it was a self paid envelope for Gamefly and it was supposed to go to Seattle and the company said they never received it. Maybe it got dropped somewhere in the warehouse and if i file something they will look for it and might find it and send it out again. I have heard those things happen. Mail gets dropped sometimes and falls behind machines and stuff. I just hope no one took it and I know the postman took it because it got scanned by USPS which is why Gamefly sent out the next game so they know I sent it back.

I hope this all gets resolved or else it’s not worth paying for it every month if I am not getting a game from them.


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