My Big Mouth

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015

I say too much, yes I do.

I went to my new group I found online and I hadn’t gone to it yet despite joining it months back. Today was the first time I finally went and it was at a church. It’s not a support group, it’s a hang out group. It was in a preschool room and it was arts and crafts day but everyone had to bring their own and I didn’t bring in my latch hook kit. I wasn’t the only one who didn’t bring anything and a few people brought in snacks. The person who owns the group was not there and more people showed up around five thirty. One man was on his computer, one woman was on her ipad, one guy used his mobile phone and then read a book, I saw a couple others using their phones and a few knitted and I used my 3DS for internet. People talked and someone discussed Bobs Burgers (I should check that out on Netflix since one of the characters is supposedly on the autistic spectrum but her family won’t say and they say she isn’t) we also talked about Rain Man and other aspie movies. I mentioned how Hollywood always has happy endings and one of the people there said of course they want happy endings and I said one of the things about the movie Adam that was different was Beth and Adam didn’t live happily ever after but they remained friends and that is so fare to be friends after a break up. Then I mentioned there are a few movies out there where they have the baddies win and the goodies lose, Chernobyl Diaries and Lilja 4-Ever and another woman said she didn’t want any movie spoilers and I keep spoiling movies. I said other things about other movies and I probably spoiled them for her and then Girl Interrupted was brought up and I didn’t say anything about it because I didn’t want to spoil another movie for the poor woman again.

The same girl who was talking about Bobs Burgers also mentioned someone she knew and said he had some strange fetish and I forget what that fetish was and I said “Now I know of another weird fetish, I have heard of others, abuse, cutting, receiving pain” and another person said “We don’t need to know the list.” Oops I tend to go TMI and say too much.

This was another autism group and I am sure I showed my traits by saying too much so they had to shut me up a few times. I did notice a few people there from the other autism group I go to. but my husband likes my big mouth because he said that is what makes me childish. Then when i got done reading a story online, I got up and left because I didn’t want to stay until 7:30 when the group ends and I was getting tired anyway and felt like I was falling asleep.


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