Be careful what you wish for

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

I have a low sex drive because sex is a chore and it bores me so being with a asexual might not due since I would have to do all the work unless they do it. My sex drive comes and goes where I feel like having it but it’s not often and once it happens, I am fine and don’t need it again. It happens when I am attracted to personalities and that is how mine works.

My first ex’s was too high and then I met my husband and his felt high too but he said his was low compared to other guys because they would need it more often that he would. Yes I hated how he needed sex and he couldn’t go and do it with another woman because he does not believe in open relationships, he believes it’s between one person. he also wouldn’t pleasure himself because he did it for too long and then it stops working after awhile and he wouldn’t go get himself a doll to fuck with so I avoided anything that would turn him on by staying in a different room and making sure I am not naked in front of him and avoiding the AB/DL topic or else it will turn him on. This was how I avoided sex, do not turn the guy on. Learn what turns him on and watch my moves so he won’t get turned on. I used to wish he couldn’t have it anymore or have it a lot less so it wouldn’t be a problem for me. But then three years ago, it looks like I got my wish, he had a seizure in the shower one morning so he fell and hurt his back and then he was put on sick leave by his work and Kaiser sent him to a doctor who didn’t know what the hell he was doing (damn it Kaiser) so he made his back hurt worse and my husband was chair bound so he could barely move. Taking care of our son while I would be at work didn’t help his back heal so he stayed sick until my parents came out and got our son and brought him back to Montana with him and my husband healed in three weeks. Because my husband’s medical condition got worse, he wasn’t able to have sex as much and he lost his full time job and got on SSDI and then he lost his job completely. Looks like I got my wish, less sex and we average about 3 times a month now.

Be careful what you wish for, my husband is now disabled because he overworked his body and then it started to go through a breakdown so he was having more pain and more seizures, it makes him be less judgmental now and be more understanding about other disabled people who “don’t try” and “use it as an excuse to not work” and it was hard for my husband to come to terms he was disabled and to stop trying to live like his body is normal. That is why all that shit happened because he overworked it by working full time and using his feet and making his body do it can’t handle so after awhile it start to give out on him so he was having all these seizures and more intense pain in his feet. But hey I got my wish for him wanting sex less and not needing it as much as he used to.

I know it was just a coincidence but we have that saying “be careful what you wish for” which i think it means your wish may come true but there will be a bad side to it and you might not enjoy it as you thought you would. It’s like the game “corrupt a wish.”

On the bonus side, I wished for a girl so I got one on my second try of making a baby but now we would have to make some adjustments in the house and I would have to move to the basement unless my parents can turn our garage into a bedroom in time for them but now my Mom is talking about turning the basement into something and moving back down there and my husband and I can get the master bedroom again and each kid will have their own room. If I had another boy, no adjustments would be made because they could just share a room. They share one for now.

For my husband, he wished I would want sex more, well I wanted a baby badly so I made him have sex with me every day and it drove him crazy because it was hard for his feet but hey he got his wish and once I got pregnant, it was all over. Then things were back to normal.


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