How to confuse me

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Put up a co worker’s work schedule on the board at work and write “Cover for two days only, Monday, 17th & Tuesday 18th.”

Have me read the instructions on the board.

Have another co worker tell me I would be doing the daycare everyday.

This is what happened today at work. I clocked out and then I noticed the paper on the whiteboard so I read it and saw it was for two days only, today and tomorrow. I read the tasks the co worker has and that person is gone and the easiest I could find was ” east daycare” because I know what to do in it. The rest I would need more information how to do the work. How many areas do I vacuum, what areas do I dust, etc.

So I clock back in and go back up to my floor where I keep my cart and grab the vacuum and bring it back to the first floor. Another co worker met up with me and followed me to the daycare. I go in and she starts telling me everyday I go in there and vacuum and sweep. I get confused because the board only said two days, not everyday so I tell her that. She calls for Alan and he comes and explains it to me and I tell him the board said two days and she is telling me everyday so which is it. I am getting two different things. But he said it was for only two days and I drop the “every day” thing. The co worker is Russian so she doesn’t speak good English so she probably used the wrong word which is why I got confused so she got him because she needed help with communicating with me.


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