Speaking of the dead

Friday, August 14th, 2015

Apparently this is a politically incorrect post here I made:

I never understood this either. It has always been a dumb rule to follow. I get it may have to do with those people are no longer alive so they aren’t able to fend for themselves. Well look at Hitler and all the serial killers out there who have been dead, we still talk about them like they are still alive. We don’t even censor them out of history just because they’re dead. But apparently that rule doesn’t apply to certain people. But unless they have done genocide or done any killing sprees, it’s best to keep quiet about it to avoid consequences.

If the guy was a buddy to that person who told you, that could be why he took offense to it, what about your friends too? If they were also buddies, that could be why.

Someone asked on Reddit why do people glorify the dead and he mentioned how this one person was always mean to him and to everyone else and no one liked him, then he died and now people act like he is a good person and when he told his friend something and called him a name, his friend scolded him for bad talking the guy who is now dead. I don’t remember what he exactly said because he had deleted his OP but that was my response I wrote above. I got two down votes for it and I think I made a good point. We can’t speak bad of the dead but yet we still do about serial killers and Hitler because we don’t censor out our history just because they are dead now. I am guessing you have to do genocide and do a killing spree to not have this rule qualify. But I always have a issue with this rule because should rape victims stop speaking about their rape if their rapist has died, should Sarah Burleton stop talking about her abuse she encountered as a child if her mother died, She would have to still talk about her mom still when she talks about her abuse to help other former child abuse victims and to spread more awareness about child abuse so more kids can get saved from their abusive homes and so more people can start doing something about it by picking up their damn phone than ignoring it.

So I had learned it’s unPC to disagree with this rule and list my reasons why and saying how this rule doesn’t apply to certain people according to society. It could have been the OP who downvoted me and one other person.

I just looked at the other responses who also got down votes and they also don’t understand this rule either and one wrote that they’re all hypocrites. I also noticed lot of other posts had zero points so I see I did nothing wrong. Just the Op probably down voting and then he deleted his OP because he didn’t like the responses. I saw some made very good points like, you are disrespecting their family. That makes sense. But yet other comments didn’t get down voted and they said similar things to what we said who were down voted. Reddit. I don’t take votes seriously there. But I know it’s unPC to speak badly of the dead unless they are Hitler or Ted Bundy, etc. but I wouldn’t go to the families and speak bad of them. I would avoid those topics with them.


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