Got to make sure my hubby is up for real

Friday, August 14th, 2015

So today I had to drop off a package which was my computer and then buy more diapers. I go to the basement and tell my husband who was laying down still and I say his name and ask if he is awake and he nods his head. I realize he is just laying there. I tell him I was going to take my computer in now and then get more diapers and I asked him if he wanted me to use my debit or my credit and he said it was up to me. I tell him I would leave the door open and I tell him our son is upstairs in my parents room and our daughter is in her crib for her nap. I then tell my son I was leaving and daddy is in the basement if he needs him and then I leave.

It turns out this was a Fed Ex label, not UPS so the woman behind the counter tells me about two nearby Fed Ex locations.I am not good with understanding directions or even remembering them so I ask her if there is a nearby street and she tells me there is Walsgreens and a Petsmart near the Fed Ex location and then she tells me about the other location and I ask for details and she mentioned a restaurant and I then knew where that exact location was so this would be easy for me to remember. I go out the other way and then I decide to just go to the other location because I had no idea how far this Walgreens was so I realized the other location was closer so I turned around and went back and got gas and then I headed to the Fed Ex spot and dropped off the package and then went across the street to Target and got diapers and that 3DS protective case so my 3DS limited edition wouldn’t keep scratching. It already has some scratches on it already from wear and tear.

Then I come home and I have been gone for over an hour. My husband comes downstairs and tells me to let him know I am leaving because he didn’t know I left. I tell him I did tell him and he argues I did not. I told him I did say that and he must have been half awake then. He told me to make sure next time he is actually up and he tends to talk in his sleep. So that meant I had left my kids alone unsupervised with a sleeping adult in the home. I asked my husband how did he realize I wasn’t home and he said our son woke him up. Good for him.


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