A creepy coincidence

Friday, August 14th, 2015

I always love a coincidence but this video I found creepy because it was like it predicted the future with 9/11 but I know it was a coincidence unless terrorists purposely picked that day to do it because of the movie and they purposely picked the Twin Towers because of the movie.

But I never noticed these details about 9/11 and the movie. Someone has been too obsessed with 9/11 and the movie so they got too focused on the details.

I wonder if the movie did it on purpose about John F Kennedy though because the movie was made 22 years after the assassination. Well it wasn’t quite 22 years when the movie released.

But the person who posted the video said it was a mockery, no warning. I assume he means he wasn’t serious and this was meant for humor and fun.


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