You know what sucks?

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

Losing a Zelda game. I had just gotten Majora’s Mask this past June and I was at the Water Temple and then I just stopped playing it shortly before our trip. I thought I had it in my game case with my other games I keep in my purse and then I discover it’s gone. Last time I remember my son was playing it so I figure he probably lost it. I know it was in my room and I remember the time he dumped all my games out on the floor and I made him pick them up and I told him that is not how he treats my games or otherwise he wouldn’t be allowed to play them anymore. Then later I saw my daughter with one of the games so I took it from her and put it away with the rest of the games. I cleaned my room looking for that Zelda game thinking it was laying around somewhere when my son dumped them out but i didn’t see it. I was a little upset and I figured, “oh well I will have to start all over with my quest when I repurchase it again.” That is what happens when you have kids, things get lost and I have lost several of my game files through my son already including one of my Zelda files or two from the DS games and he erased my Super Mario World file that was complete 100% and the special world was completed, my first boyfriend did that. Then he erased the file again when I had to start over so I told him i was done with that game I won’t play it ever again if he is going to be deleting files and not listening to me. I know it was an accident but I was teaching him a lesson about not listening. I can be all or nothing person, if something bad happens, I am done and won’t have anything to do with it again. I had to think of a harsh thing, not let him play any video games with files on them until he can read. I wish we could put in a PIN number before deleting files so that will make it a lot easier for us parents. Maybe that technology will come soon. I had even decided to not let him play my Majora’s mask game because I don’t want him to accidentally delete my file on it too after I tell him what not to push and where not go to and he still does it anyway sometimes. But what if he did play it anyway and he accidentally deleted my file and he panicked so he hid the game and now is saying he doesn’t know where it is and last he saw it was next to his 3DS in my room? Which is why I won’t let him play that game and say it’s my game only and he can play it when he is older when I buy it again. But if the game does show up again, then it can be his to keep and will be only his and I wouldn’t have to worry if he accidentally deletes his own file or my old one.

Yeah I know, do not let your illiterate kids play with your video games that have files on them. Even if you tell them what not to push and where not to go and even if you are careful, it can still happen. It would be nice if we could put parental locks on deleting files. Kids don’t always listen. But I pick my battles, if I hadn’t played a game in for so long for years, then it’s not too big of a deal that he accidentally erased it. Or if I haven’t played the game because I got stuck on it because it got too hard so I lost interest, not a big deal. But it still frightens me because he could do that to my other games I am still playing and he could do the same to those which is why I have to make a big deal about it than brushing it off.


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